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A stainless steel mug with the functions to enjoy the right temperature for a long time. With its beautiful shape and finish, it is designed to be close to the enriching time that users seek. Safe, easy to use, and designed to make beverages more delicious and comfortable to enjoy in a variety of life situations.

In order to make the most of the high heat and cold retention effect of the double vacuum structure, we analyzed the necessary design elements and discussed with the client to realize them in the specifications and finish.

The shape of the mug-like, round, gentle mouthpiece makes it safe for people of all ages to use.

The wide opening aimed to make the drinks look tasty. The stainless steel surface finish on the inside makes it easy to clean, and the wide mouth makes it easy to wash. The matte coating on the stainless steel exterior improves the texture, and creates an impression that blends easily with everyday tableware and living spaces.


Awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2015



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