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Product design example, front of hot plate

Cooking and eating are at the center of our daily lives.  With the goal of creating "basics as everyday utensils" that are close to our lives and enhance our cooking, and that will be loved and used for a long time, we went through many studies with the client.  We determined the best shape for the rectangle based on the amount of food that would be tasty, the thickness of the food, the way the steam would circulate, and the size that would harmonize with other tableware and make the food look good.
We made creative efforts to realize safety (prevention of burns and accidents), ease of plate removal and installation, ease of washing, and usability that is easy to understand (temperature control plug, folding guard on the body, large handle, etc.) at a price that many people can easily afford. 

The guard of the main body, which needs to be thicker depending on the heat source conditions, is finished with a smooth concave surface all around the inside of the edge to make it easier to attach and detach the plate, and to achieve a neat impression. The texture, finish, and balance of each part have been carefully considered so that the multiple materials and diverse elements of the specification conditions do not lead to complications.

Awarded the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020


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