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In order to create a "new, Universality, and impressive form" suitable for a top-of-the-line model with new functions, we went through many discussions with the client. Permanence as a product for mindful life.  Rice and cooked rice are symbols of Japanese spirituality. We thought deeply about the "preciousness" and the "feeling of cherishing and treating with care" that has been passed down in Japan.

One of the directions that emerged as a study was "graceful curved surfaces" and "textures that make the most of the modeling".  It is an image found in beautiful Japanese artifacts such as tea ceremony utensils and ancient letter boxes. We studied to maximize the expression of the modeling concept within the specifications and conditions.

We found the best solution for each of the two rice cooking capacities in the lineup.

Since its launch, the model has undergone a series of model changes, including changes to the front ornament design. The universal shape of the product has been highly acclaimed as the brand's top-of-the-line product, resulting in the enhancement of the company's brand value. In 2018, the year of its launch, it was awarded the Grand Prize in the rice cooker category of the Home Appliance Awards and the Gold Prize in the rice cooker category of the PRODUCT AWARD. In 2021, when the model was redesigned, the product again won the rice cooker category of the Home Appliance Awards.



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