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Design For Product Development

From business planning, product design, mold design, and promotion, a team with abundant experience in product and brand development can create, collaborate, and support comprehensive designs.

Since its establishment in 2001, we have been developing products with many companies, such as home appliances (cooking appliances, digital appliances, hairdressing and beauty appliances, power tools, medical equipment, lighting equipment, etc.) and daily necessities (tableware, pet supplies, etc.). I did.

In a wide range of product development processes from business and product planning, design, design support, to commercialization, we provide comprehensive design creation or optimal solutions in every phase.


Due to consideration of confidentiality, detailed information on the work is not disclosed on the website. Please contact us for details.

You can refer to the workflow of the product development process from the PDF link. (433KB)


Business planning / Product planning

Product development strategy

Survey and analysis


Product Concept Planning User

Target Analysis Competitive Analysis Group Interviews, etc.

Product image design

Image construction

Design image map

Rough sketches

Rough model (styrofoam/clay)

Product design planning

Basic design-Production of design model

2D Rendering / 3D Rendering / Design Drawing (Illustrator / Rhinoceros)

3D data (Rhinocerous / Pro-E / Solidworks)
Production and supervision of design models (mockups) Color specification proposals, finishing specification proposals, block copy creation proposals for rendering combined with promotional images, etc.

Implementation of product design

Design adjustment-supervision / promotion proposal

Final design surface or basic design (without draft / shell) 3D solid data (Pro-E / Solidworks)
Negotiations with the design side Solving problems with molds and molding manufacturers Checking prototypes and instructing corrections Final design specification proposals

Specification creation

Evaluation of mass production prototypes, etc.

Production of product logos, etc.

Package design proposal

Promotional proposals and production of catalogs, etc.

Exhibition booth proposal and production styling

Model shooting set etc.

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